the story of a princess

Years ago, a young, talented Princess with a strong passion for design, fashion, and style began with the dreams and aspirations of someday developing her hobby into something more. She devoted countless days and nights to her craft; learning, growing, and implementing a variety of fresh, trendsetting ideas. Her creations would soon gain recognition by some of the top designers in the industry, and this was just the beginning.


This Princess’s name was Sarah, and in June of 1981, Princess Sarah crossed paths with another young, talented designer “Raja” who shared her passion and ambition. They exchanged ideas and visions, shared their unique experiences, and soon after, he introduced her to the world of Beauty and Skin Care. The combination of their talent and drive was magical and in less than 6 months, on November 17, 1981, Sarah Aloe Essence Cosmetics Inc. in Dallas, Texas, USA was born. It was destiny.


Sarah Aloe Essence Cosmetics, Inc. was named “Exporter of the Year - 1988” in Dallas, Texas, USA.


Their mission from day one was to be innovative and cutting edge and this was accomplished when they developed their first product line. SHY® Color Changing Lipstick was created with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and a unique blend of ingredients that produced green colored lipstick. Once applied to the lips, the green color transformed into a gorgeous, vibrant pink shade and it became an instant success. Within one year, SHY® products were being sold in 22 countries worldwide.


The name SHY® represents the color that the lipstick changes to; a bright pink shade that resembles the color of blushing cheeks after a soft kiss.


The success of SHY® was immediately followed by 2 distinguished Skin Care lines:

Dr. Aloe Vera®

A complete skin care line made with Aloe Vera which has proven to be beneficial in many ways.


Sarah’s first Luxury skin care line made with 24 K Gold Flakes and Aloe Vera.


SARAH 24 K GOLD® has been on the market in North America, Europe, and Asia since it was developed, and it continued under that name until 2012 when Princess Sarah’s divine touch of brilliance revamped it into what is known today as SHYANCE GOLD®. Also, Sarah Aloe Essence Cosmetics, Inc. became what it is known as today: Sarah USA Cosmetics, LLC.


In 1992, the drive continued and SHYANCE® Skin Care was born. This was yet another superb line of skin care products created with Swiss formulation and contained all natural fragrances, high quality ingredients, and of course, Aloe Vera.


Our formulas are enriched with Grape Stem Cells, Avocado Peptides, AHA and all natural Aloe Vera, to help your skin look more youthful and radiant making SHYANCE GOLD® your ultimate luxury skin care brand.


A rendezvous of Mother Nature and Modern Science is what defines SHYANCE GOLD®